Hidden Figures

A community arts project to bring joy and creativity to the streets of Salisbury was launched in November 2020 with an exhibition in the window of an empty city centre shop, 59 Catherine Street, which housed a window display showing the potential of this new project.  

Hidden Figures display
A sign for Hidden Figures Salisbury

Hidden Figures is the brainchild of local artist Anthony Durman to bring nine life size figures of real life Salisbury people to hidden corners of the city. The figures will be based on real people nominated by people and organisations. They will be created by scanning the person chosen with a hand held scanner and then using this data with a community owned 3D printer to generate a life size statue. Deciding on who the statues will depict and finding the right settings for the figures – out of the way, unexpected and secure – are important parts of the project with which the community can get involved.

When complete the figures will form a trail, complete with phone app, that will encourage local residents and visitors alike to explore familiar and unfamiliar corners of the city. Plaques and information on the app will tell the back story of the person selected. It all began with a local resident responding warmly to an existing sculpture by Anthony which is installed in a garden tucked away off Fisherton Street, often spotted and photographed by visitors on their way from the railway station into the city. From this grew the idea of peopling the city with a series of these figures. The project was kickstarted with grants from the Salisbury Community Area Board, the Salisbury City Council and private donations, who together are funding the cost of the printer and materials for the very first figure. Pictured here are members of the project team, left to right: Adrian Green, Director, Salisbury Museum, Cllr Jeremy Nettle, SaSS Steering Group, Adrian Lucas, Technician, Anthony Durman, Hidden Figures Artist, Anne Trevett, Chair SaSS

Work is proceeding well and the new 3D printer is now in place in the city. Work on the first life size figure, local archaeologist and TV celebrity Phil Harding. There will be news soon of the launch of the first figure. Watch the SaSS website for more details! 
Contact for more information Anne Trevett

Alethea (1)
Members of the Hidden Figures project team
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